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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Washi Tape Bracelets

I have the cutest neighbor girls.  She is  8 years old came up with this one. I just had to share.  After making these my 4 year old was thrilled.  She has been wearing them around like a princess. They are cute easy and you are not broken hearted when they are ready to throw a way.  I was inspired by this blog post I found on pintrest: Sewing in no mans land. And wonder woman of course!

Supply List:
Empty toilet paper roll
Washi tape
Duct tape
any kind of lovelies; stickers, jewels, flowers whatever you like.
Start off with an empty toilet paper tube.  

Cut in Half and up the center. So it looks like a letter "C"

Start wrapping with Washi Tape. I did mine short end to end.  But you can do whatever.  Wrap your entire TP roll.

Next I cut a piece of duct tape the lenght of the inside of the toilet paper roll.  Stick it to the inside.  I use the duct tape to give the bracelet some stability and to hold the shape.

Cover in whatever {Lovelies} you would like.  We used jewel stickers.

This is a great rainy day or summer activity for your kiddos or to use for a Halloween costume for boys or girl super hero cuffs.  The creativity is endless.  Mix or match, make shapes and designs with your washi tape.  Just let your kiddos create!

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