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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Patriotic Pinwheels {Washi} style

I have been racking my brain at what I wanted to do for my 4th of July Mantel.  I have had a few things in mind but it needed some finishing touches. I was blog hoping the other day and found 52 Mantels.  I saw Emily's all paper mantel and loved her flowers on the wall.  It totally gave me the idea why not use pinwheels. So I started looking for paper.  When I couldn't find what I wanted I thought "I have all this washi tape.  What if I ..." and there it was. Just what I needed to finish my Mantel.  Washi Tape Pinwheels. So here you go.

First decide on your paper.  I had brown craft paper on hand. Cut the paper to the size you want.  My sizes are 14,10,8,6,5 inches square.

Next cut from your corners in about 3/4 of the way to the center. Shown with small black dots.

Start covering both sides with Washi Tape.  I did mine in straight lines. But you can do whatever you want. Be sure to trim your washi tape at the edges. They tend to stick to each other. Push your Washi tape down really good.

Once you have designed your Pinwheel with washi tape it is time to pull in your corners.  Bring each of the four corners into the center. I numbered the corners 1's or 2's.  So either pull on all the ones or all the 2's. Make sure they overlap just a bit in the center.

This is where you can be creative. I used a brad for mine.  But I was thinking you could use needle and thread and stitch them together, a brad or a button. Punch a hole right through the middle and add your brad or button.

Once you have finished you pinwheels they are ready to hang. For mine I used glue dots.

I think there fit perfect with the space. A little whimsy to my mantel.
They are so easy to make and fun.  Even the kids can help.
For tutorials on other elements check out my Mantel Post.
Have a great weekend.  Come on back when you have a little Free Time!

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