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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lil' Traveler Race Track Quiet Toy

A few months ago my in laws came into town. They brought each of my kids these little mini race cars.  Each of them pulled back a went for a short drive. They all loved them.  This gave me an idea.  Why not make a small race track to drive them on. So I started coming up with ideas on how to make it and voile here it is.  There is two way to do it.  Purchase the vinyl race track or cut one from felt and sew it onto your mat.  Here is what I did. The cars were purchased at a local place.  But you can purchase micro cars at Target and Toys R Us us as well. 

Race track pattern
{Note} You can right click, save and print from your home computer. You could also make this out of felt and stitch is onto your inside fabric.

Lay your vinyl on top of your inside fabric. Cover with a light towel or cotton fabric. Press according to instructions. about 1 minute in each section.  
Pull back plastic coating. cover with cloth again and press one more time.  Ensuring the iron on transfer is attached.

Continue with the play mat tutorial above to finish your track.  
All finished!
 I added my little guys name to the track. He loves to play with his track.  It keeps him occupied for hours. Especially at church!

If you are interested in buying the vinyl track and cars please send me an email to: 
cosettescloset {at}gmail.com
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