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Halloween Costume – Spider

Here is my little Spider.  no one really loves spiders but I love this one. I think this is one of my favorite costumes I have ever made.  And it was super simple to make.
I first purchased black sweats, gloves and beanie. With a Bean bag pattern.  I altered it to leave the bottom and top open. I made 6 long fabric tubes and sewed gloves to the end of each of them.To   Stuff them with stuffing.  Starting with the main body, a bean bag usually has 6 sections. I sewed 3 sections together and the second 3 sections together. Pin your arms into place leaving a 6 inch hole near the top of the sections for your kiddos arms. Stitch your 2 sections together.   On the top and bottom you need to make a casing.  Add your elastic.  I liked mine a little tight to make sure the pillows I added would not fall out.  To link the arms I wrapped black ribbon around each wrist and tied a knot.  Then made a loop for my son to have around his wrist.
When you are ready to trick or treat Just slip it over your kiddos head like a shirt and add pillows to fluff him up. I added a little makeup for the full effect. 
An there is your Black Furry Spider! For more Costume Ideas click the Costume Link or see my Masquerade Magic Pintrest Board!

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